Estate | Antique Jewelry

Since the beginning, men and women have enjoyed adorning themselves with jewelry. Estate or antique jewelry beauty is timeless no matter their age. Perhaps your jewelry box is lacking the uniqueness of antique jewelry- it is time to change that! If you are looking for a piece that is timeless, and quality that is from a bygone era, then stop by TRACY’s Estate selection.

Tracy curates our estate collection with care

Rings, necklaces, broaches, and earrings are amongst the many items we stock. Please note, every piece in our estate collection is one-of-a-kind and will never return. So be sure to stop by regularly to see what our buyers have found in their travels.

Trendy is nice…but timeless beauty and craftmanship is dynamic.

Superb Workmanship

Antique jewelry and often estate jewelry have been passed down from generation to generation. It comes as no surprise that antique and estate jewelry are popular today because of the connection they bring and maintain their value. The fact that the jewelry has lasted so long and aged so well is a testament to the superior workmanship of the jeweler and the quality of the materials the jewelry was made from. When you buy antique and estate jewelry, you know that as long as it is well cared for then it will continue to hold strong for many more years to come.

Sustainable | Tells a Story

When you buy antique & estate jewelry, you are conserving rather than consuming resources. In today’s world, conserving the earth’s resources, like our precious metals and gemstones, is a high priority. You can feel great wearing jewelry that was created so many years ago through ethical practices and look stylish while doing so! 

What story lies behind that beautiful diamond ring, sapphire pendant, or ruby earrings? Was it a gift in honor of a marriage? Was it worn to a stately affair? The history and story behind antique & estate jewelry give a bit of mystery that adds to the drama of wearing it. Everyone loves to feel that they are part of something bigger and when you buy antique and estate jewelry you are continuing the story!

Buy | Sell Estate Jewelry

Tracy Jewelers buys and sells Estate and Antique Jewelry. Should you have some jewelry that you have received, or just have a piece or two that you wish to sell, be sure to stop by Tracy

Jewelers first. We’ve been buying gold, silver, diamonds, watches, rings, bracelets for decades. Our buyers are professionals who will give you their top dollar on the spot, or should you choose to trade-in for something in our store, we will give you an additional 25% of the value for in store credit.  

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