Bridal Jewelry

It's the one day, when you celebrate finding the one person whom your heart loves. Shouldn't that moment be marked with jewelry as unique as the two of you? From the engagement ring to the wedding band, the necklace, and the bracelet, this is the day when every element plays a part. Entrust each of those parts to Tracy Jewelers.


The Inland Northwest has been getting engaged with rings from Tracy's for three generations. Start your journey with a stop at our showroom, where you will find the latest styles as well as classic statements.

If you want to make your engagement rings as unique as your story, work with our designers to create the ring you have been dreaming about for years.

Wedding Bands

Whenever a married person looks at their left hand, they see a representation of the day, the choice, and the commitment they made. Make sure the wedding band you choose carries the same weight.

It's true that Spokane has gotten engaged at Tracy Jewelers for decades. It's also a fact that Tracy's wedding bands have been the culmination of wedding ceremonies for generations. Our staff will ensure the chosen wedding band will be a seamless addition to the engagement band. Don't let the excitement over the engagement ring overshadow the importance of the accompanying band. One stop at Tracy Jewelers will bring the two pieces together. And isn't that what the wedding is about anyway?

Men's Bands

Don't let the groom's bands be an afterthought! Men for generations have seen their wedding band as a symbol of their commitment. At Tracy Jewelers, you can see more modern styles representing the same faithfulness.

Men's wedding rings have dramatically changed from the classic gold or silver band. Now, you can peruse men's rings made from several different materials and styles. Some of them will still retain elements of the simple traditional band integrated into updated materials. Should you wish for the classic band, you can rest assured Tracy stocks many options in that category. 

Plus, Tracy stocks some rings that are specifically designed for men who work with their hands. These rings are usually designed to not hurt a man's fingers while working or working out. These inexpensive options are an excellent choice for a man to remember his commitment to his family while he is working for his family. This way, he can wear his safety band when he leaves in the morning and put his actual band on when he takes his family out for dinner.